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A personal request – Virginia Tech Orange and Maroon effect

Stepping aside from the business, below is a personal request to show support for those closely affected by the tragic events on Monday.  The following was sent by one of our team members, Tom Harshbarger, PCM in our Southeast Area, former graduate of Virginia Tech, and a personal friend.  My ask is if any of you can show your support on Friday of this effort, it would be greatly appreciated.




If circumstances permit, Friday would be a great day to get something orange and/or maroon to wear to work. I know you’ve all been watching and reading about the horrible events in Blacksburg yesterday. And while I and all Hokies are truly shaken and in shock, I can give you one positive. The spirit of the school, the town, and the Hokie Nation. Sounds like a bunch of football fanatics, I know. But it’s truly something deeper than that.


It’s been amazing for me to watch the strength of the school and community in the last 24 hours. I’m absolutely blown away. From the convocation on campus today that left so many of us in tears, to the gatherings of Hokie chapters in every major metro in the US, the strength and resolve shown has been amazing and humbling. I hope none of us have to see anything like this again in our lifetimes, but am incredibly thankful that the Hokie Nation is coming out strong in support of the victims, school, and community. And to that end, as you’re able, I’d love your support in the healing process for the victims, VT, and all of us. How?


A few years back, we started the Orange and Maroon effect. The idea was to make sure at every sporting event, there’d be no other color visible in the stadium. Just Hokie colors. The university has extended the orange and maroon effect to be a show of support for the victims and our school. This Friday, April 20th, is Orange & Maroon Effect day nationwide. If you’re able and comfortable joining us, please do. It doesn’t even matter if anyone sees you.


And lastly, thank you to all of you that have reached out to me personally. All of my family, friends, and the professors I know at VT and in Blacksburg are safe and sound.


Thank you very much for allowing me to share with you.


With a heavy heart, but determined spirit, GO HOKIES.


Hokie Hope Click image for full size


Also, if you can, please share this request with others you know as there truly can never be too much support, wishes, and prayers at a time like this.


Thank you in advance for your support and our thoughts are prayers go out to all,


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