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Have you seen these new courses on Microsoft Partner University? Online Training for Microsoft Partners.

MS Partner University

Microsoft Partner University provides an online area where our Partners can take courses to learn more about a multitude of topics.  Here are some of the current courses available as well as a full list of Windows Vista courses, with direct links to them, down below.

You can access Microsoft Partner University’s main page HERE.

l       MPU3243: Using Microsoft Financing   Microsoft Financing offers total solution financing including eligible Microsoft and partner software, hardware, and services.

l       MPU3241: Genuine Windows Vista and Legalization  Learn more about Windows licensing rules and how partners can help customers legalize PCs that are running non-genuine versions of Windows software.

l       MPU3239: Office Ready Program: The New Way to Sell Microsoft Office This course explains the new 2007 Microsoft Office OEM SKUs and how to sell them using the Office Ready Program.

l       MPU3240: Selling Windows Server 2003 R2 Refresh This course helps partners understand how the business goals of customers can be met through the acquisition and implementation of Windows Server 2003.

Windows Vista has launched! Get ready to sell…check out our lineup of Vista classes:

Ø       Better Together: Selling 2007 Office System

Ø       Deploying Microsoft Windows Vista and the 2007 Office System Client Products

Ø       Microsoft Windows Vista Capable PCs and Premium Ready PCs

Ø       Microsoft Windows Vista Volume License Promotion

Ø       Partner Opportunities With Windows Vista

Ø       Selling Windows Vista to Businesses

Ø       Selling Windows Vista to Consumers

Ø       Selling Windows Vista to Techies

Ø       Windows Vista Express Upgrade and Office Ready for U.S. OEM Distribution

Ø       Windows Vista Hardware Upsell Opportunities

Ø       Windows Vista Minimum Hardware Requirements

Ø       Windows Vista Volume Activation 2.0

Ø       Windows Vista: Selling the Product

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