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Follow up to Tuesday’s “Microsoft’s Retail Strategy and what does it mean for SBSC Partners?” Live Meeting

For those of you who were able to join Rex Bloesser and me on Tuesday for the “Microsoft’s Retail Strategy and what does it mean for SBSC Partners?” Live Meeting, you heard us talk about the US SMS&P Retail Team’s vision of helping foster an opportunity for SBSC Partners to tap into a new market through Retail Partners across the US in a joint effort to add additional business opportunities for you.  We do believe this will be an chance for our SBSC Partner to tap into another area of the business for potential growth.  Being an opt-in program, each SBSC Partner will decide if this is an area they are interested in being involved with or not. 

During the session, Rex and I expressed our desire to hear from the SBSC Partners on input, feedback, thoughts, etc. on the program.  I would invite any SBSC Partner wishing to provide this input to do so and you can send this to us directly at  This place has been established specifically for the purpose of allowing SBSC Partners to give us their input and feedback, so please do not send messages pertaining to other items to us here.

You can view the recording of Tuesday’s Live Meeting online and I would highly encourage you to keep an eye on the SBSC Newsletters and website since we will continue to provide additional information and updates on how to join this program, which retailers are participating, and other details as they become available.  As we mentioned Tuesday, this session was conducted to give you insights to this program in “real-time.”  Many details are being worked on, as we mentioned on the call, and we will be bringing you more as we have them.  As an SBSC Partner, having your input and feedback during this process is very important to us, so take me up on the offer and send it in.

Thank you and have a wonderful day,

Eric Ligman
Microsoft US Senior Manager
Small Business Community Engagement
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