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No, Windows XP Home is not a qualifying Desktop Operating System for the Windows Vista Business Upgrade or Upgrade + SA through Volume Licensing

For quite some time, we have been stating that “Home Versions” of the Windows Desktop Operating System will not qualify for Windows Vista Business Upgrades or Upgrade + Software Assurance through the Microsoft Volume Licensing Programs.  Business versions will qualify, home versions won’t.  As of November 1, 2006, if you read the Microsoft Product List, available for download on the Microsoft Volume Licensing site, you would have found the following “Windows Vista Upg qualifying Desktop O/S chart, now on page 82:

 Vista Upg Chart Click picture to view full size

You will notice, none of the Windows Home products have an “X” by them as qualifying products.  Because Windows Vista did not launch until January, 2007, we did add the following promotion for customers that purchased Windows XP Home Desktop Operating System licenses prior to December 31, 2006:

Windows XP Home Edition

Windows XP Home Edition as a Qualifying Operating System (OS) for Windows Upgrade with Software Assurance

Customers* with Windows XP Home Edition licenses purchased on or before December 31, 2006 may acquire Windows Upgrade Licenses with Software Assurance (U & SA).  This offer expires September 30, 2007.

*For customers under Enterprise Enrollments and Open Value companywide agreements, this offer applies only to initial orders under new enrollments and agreements.  It does not apply to subsequent orders under new enrollments and agreements, nor to renewal enrollments and agreements.

So for your clients looking to acquire the Windows Vista Business Upgrade + SA for their computers, be sure they bring them in with a license for the Business Version of the Desktop Operating System, not a Home version, so that they will qualify when making their purchase.

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