Anyone receive their January Action Pack Kit with Office 2007 & Windows Vista in it yet?

I am looking to see if anyone has received their January 2007 Microsoft Action Pack Kit with Office 2007 and Windows Vista in it yet.  If you have, would you mind scanning your Office 2007 and Windows Vista EULAs and emailing a copy of them to me?

Thank you and have a wonderful day,


Eric Ligman
Microsoft US Senior Manager
Small Business Community Engagement
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Comments (9)

  1. Due to recent events concerning MAPS, I am not liking where this is going… :-(

  2. Bob Muir says:

    Microsoft is starting to look like the US Defense Dept. prior to 9/11.  Nobody’s allowed to talk with anybody in a different department?

  3. mssmallbiz says:

    The reason for my request is I don’t have a January MAPSS at my house over the weekend and where better to see what Partners received than from the Partners themselves so it is first-hand information.

  4. Bob Muir says:

    Fair enough.  Your request made it seem like you had no access to it at all, which seemed kinda weird given your position. :-)

  5. Mark says:

    Nothing yet,   anyone ?

  6. James says:

    Still nothing, and it’ll be February in 3 days. Anyone else get theirs? I’m starting to wonder if Partners got forgotten for Vista??? :(

  7. Joe Blogs says:

    I’ve recieved mine, and it’s excellent.  I’m a bit disconcerted that I couldn’t do an upgrade on a pc with Media Centre, and had to reinstall XP Pro.  It’s also annoying that it won’t communicate with Exchange 5.5.

    I’d like to know precisely what route to take, as a MAPS, to upgrade to Vista Ultimate.

  8. Nick says:

    Still nothing here on Feb 7.  Time to chase Microsoft.

  9. Jason Wentler says:

    We recieved ours on 2/3/07. Called twiced in Jan. to see what was up and on second call got a commitement that it’d be there in the next week, which it was.

    I’m a bit bummed that the Vista is an upgrade only, and that we need to move everything to Vista. We have lots of clients that aren’t going to upgrade right away.