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A Tale of Two Cities…

Seattle Seahawks Vs. Chicago Bears

As you can imagine, many people here in the Seattle area are currently glued to their screens watching the Seahawks in their quest to return to the Super Bowl.  Also, back in Chicago (where I relocated from just over 1 ½ years ago after spending my entire life there), they are doing the same thing, only they are watching the Bears in their quest to return to the Super Bowl.

I’ve already received the phone calls from friends and family in Illinois this morning and friends out here all asking the same question…   So, who are you cheering for today, the Hawks or the Bears?

When you grow up in the Chicago area, this is generally a simple answer.  You always cheer for two teams every week.  The two teams you always want to win are the Bears and the team playing the Packers.  Sorry to those in the Green Bay area, but being a Marquette Alumni (in Milwaukee, WI) and having lived in Wisconsin for four years around that timeframe, I know that the sentiment is returned.  J

So what is the answer for this week now that we call Seattle “Home?”  Hawks or Bears?

Here are a few hints as to which team we are cheering for.  We are rooting for the team with:

1)     5 letters in the name.  Wait, HAWKS has 5 and BEARS has 5.  Guess that doesn’t help you does it?

2)     Ok, then we want the team with the animal as a mascot to win.  Hmmmm, Seahawk=animal.  Bear = animal.  Did that help any?

3)     We want the team located on the water.  Seattle=on the Pacific.  Chicago=on Lake Michigan. 

So what is the final answer?  Well, this is one case where this Blog will not have the goal of providing a clear answer and only those within audible distance of our home (to be able to hear when we cheer, etc.) will have the clear answer.  J 

So I’ll close with congrats to the Saints and Colts fans on your wins this weekend and best wishes to the Hawks, Bears, Patriots, and Chargers fans.  Next week, there will be far fewer questions over who we’re cheering for (sorry New Orleans).

Have a great weekend, everyone,

Eric Ligman
Microsoft US Senior Manager
Small Business Community Engagement
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