How customers with Software Assurance on Windows XP obtain Windows Vista Ultimate from the MVLS site.

Here are the steps that customers with Software Assurance on Windows XP can obtain Windows Vista Ultimate (retail version-Ultimate is not available under Volume Licensing) from the MVLS site.

1)     MVLS Administrators access MVLS site at

2)     Log in with correct Passport account

3)     Click on the Software Assurance Benefits link on the left hand of the screen (See screenshot below)

SA Benefits on MVLS (Click image to view full size)

4)     The screen below will appear:

Vista Ult on MVLS (Click image to view full size)

5)     Navigate to the Windows Vista Ultimate and check the status

6)     Check the MVLS site after the Windows Vista Business launch on January 10th, 2007 and the ‘Activate Now’ option should be enabled for ordering Vista Ultimate media.

7)     MVLS assistance is available for MVLS Administrators at 866-230-0560-Option 1 (English), Option 2 (SA Benefits).

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Eric Ligman
Microsoft US Senior Manager
Small Business Community Engagement
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Comments (9)

  1. Dhow says:

    I’ve just read your blog, and tried it immediately through my MVLS website.

    But when I search the ‘Windows Vista Ultimate’ in Software Assurance Benefits, it said: "Not Available"…

    Is that mean that it hasn’t out yet? Or I’m not elligible to receive it?


  2. mssmallbiz says:

    In order to be eligible for Windows Vista Ultimate, you must have a Windows Professional Software Assurance license that was not expired as of November 1, 2006.

  3. Dhow says:

    Yes, of course I own Windows XP Pro from the Small Business Desktop licenses I purchased.

    Just today, I checked again my MVLS website; the Windows Vista Ultimate option is now can be activated.

    It seemed that Microsoft postpone a little bit of the Windows Vista Ultimate kits to launch here in Asia Pacific.

  4. David Chadwick says:

    I work for a large school and we have roughly 500 Windows XP machines covered under SA.  I’ve activated our Vista Ultimate benefit and received the media.  On the back is a sticker with a single product key.

    Can you explain how activation works with this system?  Obviously for most of our computers we will roll out Enterprise Edition using our VLK/MAK keys.  However there are two computer rooms in the school that require Ultimate edition.

    My understanding is that if we wanted to, we could put Ultimate Edition on all 500 of our machines – we happen to want it on about 50.  Will the single key on the back of my disc work for multiple activations of Vista Ultimate?  If so, how many?  Or do I have to get 50 keys somehow?

    I’ve rung the SA phone number and got the impression I was the first person in the world to ask this question.  The person on the other end had no idea what I was talking about, and kept trying to tell me about my VLK and MAK keys.



  5. Seth Barnum says:

    I too work for a school district and got the same media as well as the same line from the mvls folks as David Chadwick…upgrade only.  well, upgraded a machine with business edition already installed on it and it worked with the product key on the back.  after the installation, i activated the copy.  i then wondered what would happen if i put it on another pc, so i installed it on another.  it let me use the same product key to install, but when i went to activate it, it said that the key was already activated.  i have not called back yet because i didnt want to sound like an idiot again.  it seems as though microsoft has no idea how their own mvls licensing works.  so frustrating!  I was told that the MAK and KMS keys would work with my SA dvd and it  DIDN’T!

  6. David Chadwick says:

    Hi Seth,

    I’ve just rung the SA line again and this time I got someone who knew what they were talking about.  They confirmed that the key on the back of the media is only valid for a single activation.

    We want to install Ultimate Edition on 50 PCs.  The process is to ring the SA number, they confirm your details and that you are eligble under SA (and that you are the benefit admin etc).  Once all that was done they accepted my request for 50 product keys.  I was told they take between 3 and 5 business days to be generated and then they will be emailed to me.

    The MAK key will never work with Vista Ultimate (as expected).  You definately have to get individual keys generated for as many machines as you want to install Ultimate on (as long as it isn’t more than the total number of machines in your SA agreement of course).

    So there you go, the system works now. :)



  7. Sean says:

    OK, I’ve got the media, I even got a product key… but how do I buy it?  I buy Vista with SA and En. under my MVL.  So where does Ultimate fall in that?  (66J-01215 microsoft part number)

    What do I need to buy to be legal?  

  8. Chris King says:

    Has anyone ever actually gotten the Ultimate keys you ordered?

    I am still waiting (5 weeks maybe) for my 5 keys. I don’t really even need them, just figured if there is a benifit, I should use it.