Neither rain, nor snow, nor… Oh NOW what?!?!?!?

So if you’ve been following the Blog lately, you have probably noticed a few lulls in the posts from time to time since early November.  I thought I would share why this has been taking place so that you didn’t think I was just forgetting about you.  (Note: I live over 30 miles from Microsoft’s campus, so some of the below was in my area, not in downtown Redmond or Seattle).


First, we had a little bit of rain out here (it is the Seattle area you know):


Flood (Click to view full image)


Roads: Flooded and closed for several days

Phone & Power: Temporary loss, nothing major


Then we got some snow (and no, Seattle area does not handle this well…)


Snow (Click to view full image) 


Roads: Closed due to snow and ice for several days

Phone & Power: Out for 3 of 5 days while snowed in


Then just last Thursday, in came the wind… (And I thought that I moved FROM the windy city, Chicago)


Wind1 (Click fto view full image) 


Wind2 (Click to view full image) 


Roads: Closed in many areas with trees, power lines, debris, etc.

Phone: Out for 3 days

Power: Out for 5 days and counting…


And this has been just since early November!  Ah, I just love the changing of the seasons.  J  


Given the storms, hurricanes, floods, etc. that so many others have experienced across the nation and world, we are by far very fortunate and these are really nothing more than minor annoyances in comparison.  So I post this not as a “look how bad things are here,” since they really aren’t all that bad comparably, but as a, “No, I haven’t forgotten about the Blog or putting up information for you; however, mother nature has been playing some practical jokes on us that have been causing these slight delays.”  So back to what I started this with, neither rain, nor snow, nor wind will keep us away, it just might cause slight delays.  J  We’ll also be a little quiet throughout the holiday season with vacations, time with family, etc. so just an early heads up.  


Thank you and have a wonderful day,


Eric Ligman

Microsoft US Senior Manager

Small Business Community Engagement

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  1. Anne Stanton says:


    You have now officially experienced New England, all without getting on a plane or dealing with the icy runways. Oh or the MA drivers who tend to think that four wheel drive means they can drive 75 miles/hour when the roads are slick.

    :) Anne Stanton

    No Snow in Vermont yet – but some strange rain (it is not suppose to rain in VT in December)

  2. It’s the night before Christmas, The first in this house. Thankfully the power’s back on , So we have