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Why is this $%^$)* PowerPoint deck so big?!?! A simple few steps to reduce your PowerPoint deck sizes.

If you’re like me, you’ve been there before.  You either receive a PowerPoint presentation, send a PowerPoint presentation, build a PowerPoint presentation, etc. and it is HUGE!  (I’ve seen 5 slides at 10+ MB!)  Why is this and how can you fix it?


Basically, it is the graphics.  People use screenshots, huge graphic files, full-page size graphics, etc. and then adjust the dimensions in PowerPoint without reducing the actual picture size.  Here is a quick process you can use to quickly reduce these picture sizes for a presentation which will ultimately reduce your PowerPoint presentation file size as well:


Step 1: Double-click one of the graphics in your presentation.  You will see the box below:


Compress Pic2


Step 2: Click on the “Picture tab” (circled in red above) to get to this view


Step 3: Click on the “Compress” button (again, circled in red above)


Once you click “Compress,” you will see the box below:


 Compress Pic1


Step 4: Select the “Web/Screen” button (circled in red above) to set the picture resolution for use on the web or on a screen (instead of being print level quality which you don’t need for a webcast or most standard presentations)


Step 5: Select the “All pictures in document” button (again, circled in red above) to have this applied to all graphics in the presentation in one step


Step 6: Click “OK”


That’s it.  Now save your PowerPoint file and you will notice the size has been reduced based on the re-sampling of your images.  I know this has been very helpful for me (and I create and present quite a few PowerPoint presentations) and I hope it helps you out as well.


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