Why is this $%^$)* PowerPoint deck so big?!?! A simple few steps to reduce your PowerPoint deck sizes.

If you’re like me, you’ve been there before.  You either receive a PowerPoint presentation, send a PowerPoint presentation, build a PowerPoint presentation, etc. and it is HUGE!  (I’ve seen 5 slides at 10+ MB!)  Why is this and how can you fix it?


Basically, it is the graphics.  People use screenshots, huge graphic files, full-page size graphics, etc. and then adjust the dimensions in PowerPoint without reducing the actual picture size.  Here is a quick process you can use to quickly reduce these picture sizes for a presentation which will ultimately reduce your PowerPoint presentation file size as well:


Step 1: Double-click one of the graphics in your presentation.  You will see the box below:


Compress Pic2


Step 2: Click on the “Picture tab” (circled in red above) to get to this view


Step 3: Click on the “Compress” button (again, circled in red above)


Once you click “Compress,” you will see the box below:


 Compress Pic1


Step 4: Select the “Web/Screen” button (circled in red above) to set the picture resolution for use on the web or on a screen (instead of being print level quality which you don’t need for a webcast or most standard presentations)


Step 5: Select the “All pictures in document” button (again, circled in red above) to have this applied to all graphics in the presentation in one step


Step 6: Click “OK”


That’s it.  Now save your PowerPoint file and you will notice the size has been reduced based on the re-sampling of your images.  I know this has been very helpful for me (and I create and present quite a few PowerPoint presentations) and I hope it helps you out as well.


Thank you and have a wonderful day,


Eric Ligman

Microsoft US Senior Manager

Small Business Community Engagement

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Comments (2)

  1. Steven says:

    I’ve also noticed that even if you don’t have embedded pictures but you have lots of PP drawings that you continually edit and modify, that tends to grow the file size.  The best solution I’ve found is to open a new presentation, choosing the same style template and then simply copy/paste the entire deck into the new presentation.  PP seems to compress or at least get rid of extra space in the old file when it writes the new file.

  2. Eric, thanks for the tip.  Also have found rar to be helpful.  It’s like winzip but better.  Great job BTW on the CRM mkt opportunity.  -Greg Williams