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Launch Central – A single landing page for your Partner launch needs

Have you been to Launch Central yet?  If not, be sure to stop by Launch Central today and check back frequently to access the updated product, solution and readiness, and marketing campaign information you need around the upcoming product launches from Microsoft.  On Launch Central, you will find:   Ø       Beta & RC releases of… Read more

Happy Hauntings, from the Microsoft Small Business Team

“Welcome, foolish mortals, to the Haunted Mansion.  I am your host.  Your, “ghost” host.”   Quick, anyone know where that’s from?  Ok, not quite business related but with Halloween being my favorite holiday of all, I just wanted to take a moment to wish you all a Happy Halloween.  I know, seems fitting that Halloween is… Read more

It’s baaaaacckk… $200,000 from BSA for qualifying reports of Software Piracy.

Some of you may recall our prior posts on the $50,000 and $200,000 rewards the BSA has offered in the past for qualifying reports of software piracy.  Well, they are once again offering a reward of up to $200,000 to anyone who provides a qualifying report of software piracy.   In looking at their submission… Read more

Free Download of Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2007

Microsoft Introduces New Accounting Software and Services for Small and Home-Based Businesses   Yesterday, Microsoft Corp. announced the availability of Microsoft® Office Accounting Express 2007, financial management software designed for early startups and home-based businesses that currently use pen and calculator or spreadsheets to run their operations. Office Accounting Express 2007 consists of desktop software… Read more

Windows Vista Tips & Tricks – Have you checked this out? (Tip sheets, webcasts, top 10’s, and more!)

    Have you checked out the Windows Vista Tips & Tricks page yet?  If not, just look what you’re missing out on: Windows Vista Tip Sheet Windows Vista Top 10 Tips & Tricks Windows Vista Tips & Tricks Webcasts (starting on October 30th) Windows Vista Training Tools: If you are responsible for training employees… Read more

Why is this $%^$)* PowerPoint deck so big?!?! A simple few steps to reduce your PowerPoint deck sizes.

If you’re like me, you’ve been there before.  You either receive a PowerPoint presentation, send a PowerPoint presentation, build a PowerPoint presentation, etc. and it is HUGE!  (I’ve seen 5 slides at 10+ MB!)  Why is this and how can you fix it?   Basically, it is the graphics.  People use screenshots, huge graphic files,… Read more

Don’t I get the same version with a Windows Retail Upgrade as with Software Assurance?

Nope.  In fact, with a retail upgrade as a Small Business, you can buy the single upgrade, but that is far less flexibility and options than with Software Assurance.  Let’s take a look:   If you buy the Windows Vista Business Upgrade via Retail box, you will receive:           If you… Read more

Under a buck and it includes Windows Vista and Office 2007 too!

Yes, the Small Business Desktop Advantage does get you all of this (Office Small Business Edition, Windows XP Professional Upgrade, and an SBS 2003 CAL) for under a dollar per day and it gets you the rights to Office SBE 2007 and Windows Vista Business, Enterprise, or Ultimate when released as well!  Plus, if you are… Read more

How do the 25 SBSC Partner Points work?

There were some questions around the 25 Partner Points associate with the Microsoft Small Business Designation when it first came out and these have come up a few times recently as well.  As a reminder points earned for becoming a Small Business Specialist are part of the “Additional Competency and Designations” category, which has a… Read more

Replay of last week’s “Making $ with licensing and a Small Business Desktop Advantage Deep Dive – A Live Meeting Session for Microsoft Partners” session now available

Did you miss last week’s “Making $ with licensing and a Small Business Desktop Advantage Deep Dive – A Live Meeting Session for Microsoft Partners” Live Meeting session?  If so, the replay is now available for viewing on demand.   ————————————————————————-   UPDATE: As of October, 2008, platform options (such as the Small Business Desktop… Read more