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You sick, twisted people…

For those who attended my Licensing session at SMB Nation this past Sunday, I started the session by describing a unique “challenge” we were going to face in the session.  As I was putting the presentation together for Sunday and adding up all of the items we needed to cover, it seemed to add up to a stack of items the size of King Kong.  On the other side, the amount of time we had (60 minutes) seemed very small, like that of a tuna can.  So I told everyone that we were going to fit King Kong into that tuna can during this session.



How were we going to do this?  I tried to set proper expectations for everyone in the audience and showed them the following (while also advising them to keep all hands, arms, and legs inside the ride at all time as well as securing all loose articles and small children):




59 minutes later, we had completed the entire session and since then, the feedback has been coming in from many of the attendees via email and other ways which led me to this post. 


Over the past many years, I’ve been involved in a few licensing discussions (as in hundreds) and I’ve even joked with many people that licensing can indeed be “fun.”  Anytime I have made statements along those lines, people quickly tell me that I must be a sick and twisted individual to even suggest such a thing.  Well, it must be contagious.


In the emails I have been receiving about the session and feedback people have been giving me, people have been telling me they: “had fun,” “had a great time,” “thoroughly enjoyed myself,” and more (and there was even quite a bit of smiling and laughing out loud during the session).  So to all of you sick, twisted people (just like me) who joined me on Sunday and “had fun” talking about licensing and what it can do for your business and that of your clients, a big thank you for taking the time to join me and I hope you will help spread the word to others about what you heard Sunday and how you think it can help in your business and that of your clients.  I know Harry & Beatrice are working on posting the PowerPoints to the SMB Nation site, so you should be able to download the session itself shortly.


Thank you and have a wonderful day,


Eric Ligman
Microsoft US Senior Manager
Small Business Community Engagement

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