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Windows Vista Technical Drilldown Live Meeting Series

To help you, our Microsoft Small Business Partners, be better prepared for the upcoming Windows Vista and Office 2007 product launches, we want to make sure you are aware of this series of Live Meetings being offered for you:


·         Windows Vista Networking Innovations Windows Vista includes the biggest innovations in networking since Windows 95. Users will have an enhanced experience when identifying, connecting to, and using networked resources or troubleshooting connectivity issues. Administrators will be able to deploy richer security policies including Network Access Protection and IPsec-based Server and Domain Isolation, and be able to manage the usage of bandwidth and deploy wireless configurations much easier. Join us to learn more about these features which will make Windows Vista a “must-have” on your customers’ networks!

·         Management Infrastructure Improvements in Windows Vista This session will provide a high-level overview of all of the infrastructure improvements in Windows Vista that will both make it more manageable out-of-the-box, and provide a solid platform for the next generation of management tools. Windows Vista features a greatly enhanced event logging infrastructure and a re-architected Event Viewer. A new Task Scheduler provides a powerful tool for ad-hoc management of client machines. New policy settings in Group Policy provide greater control over a number of client operations, including printers, Internet settings, and removable storage devices. We will demonstrate many of the new management technologies in Windows Vista and discuss how Microsoft‘s management solutions will leverage this new technology.

·         Windows Deployment Services Windows Deployment Services is the updated and redesigned Windows Server “Longhorn” version of Remote Installation Services (RIS). Windows Deployment Services assists with the rapid adoption and deployment of Windows operating systems. You can use it to set up new computers through a network-based installation without having to be physically present at each computer and without having to install directly from CD media. This session will include a discussion on common WDS usage scenarios and a technical drilldown on the major components of the solution.

·         Windows Vista BitLocker Drive Encryption Data Protection: Encrypting Volumes with Bitlocker and TPM 1.2 BitLocker Drive Encryption is a data protection feature available in Windows Vista and is Microsoft’s response to one of our top customer requests: address the very real threats of data theft or exposure from lost, stolen or inappropriately decommissioned PC hardware with a tightly integrated solution in the Windows Operating System. Data security on lost or stolen PC devices is a growing concern among security experts and corporate executives. The data stored on the PC asset is typically significantly more valuable to a corporation than the asset itself, and the loss, theft or unwanted revelation of that data can be very damaging. Recent government regulations have emerged that focus on data protection and privacy and were originally designed to safeguard consumer information. This legislation has a strong impact on organizational storage policies, especially for PC devices that have a relatively short lifespan and are easily lost or stolen. BitLocker prevents a thief who boots another operating system or runs a software hacking tool from breaking Windows Vista file and system protections or performing offline viewing of the files stored on the protected drive.

·         New Search and Collaboration Capabilities Windows Vista provides clear ways to find, use and share information on your computer, on a network, and across the web. With increased device compatibility and simplified wireless networking, Windows Vista has succeeded in creating seamless connections between people and networks that sets it apart from earlier Windows versions. In this session we will provide a drilldown of how the powerful new tools of Windows Vista enhances the ability to find, visualize and organize your information as well as connecting to people, information, applications, devices, and systems that will enable a virtual workforce.


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