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Think you know what you get with Software Assurance? There’s probably a lot more than you think…

There have been many questions and misconceptions about what actually are the benefits of Software Assurance.  Believe it or not, some people still think Software Assurance is upgrades only.  This is far from being the case.  Here is a quick list of some of the benefits of Software Assurance that you really should be aware of:


Stage 1: Plan

Build your business around the technology, budget more effectively, and simplify the software procurement process

New Version Rights

Enable organizations to deploy new releases of Microsoft software as soon as they become available.

Spread Payments

Provides companies that want greater flexibility in managing technology expenditures the ability to make annual payments, instead of one upfront payment.

Stage 2: Deploy

Get the most value out of your software with planning services that help you discover and design solutions for your business

Desktop Deployment Planning Services

Enable you to assess and evaluate the business value of upgrading your Microsoft Office and Windows Client software, and deploy it more easily.

Information Work Solution Services

Get more from your productivity applications and fully leverage the capabilities of your IT infrastructure.


Windows Preinstallation Environment

IT Professionals can build custom solutions that speed software deployment through automation, so they spend less time and effort keeping desktops updated.

Stage 3: Use

Take advantage of the latest technology and build better technology deployment, migration, and management skills

Windows Vista Enterprise

Helps large organizations lower deployment and management costs and better protect critical data.

Training Vouchers

Provide your IT teams with free training on select courses designed by Microsoft and delivered by Microsoft Certified Partners in your area. Eligible customers can receive additional vouchers beginning March 2006.


Microsoft E-Learning

Uses simulations, demonstrations, animations, hands-on exercises, and assessment to help employees upgrade skills and knowledge.

Home Use Program

Allows workers more flexible workspace options so they can be connected and productive from home.


Employee Purchase Program

Gives employees significant discounts over retail pricing on Microsoft’s most popular productivity and consumer products.

Enterprise Source Licensing Program (ESLP)

Provides eligible customers with 1,500 or more licensed desktops access to Microsoft Windows source code for internal development and support.

Stage 4: Maintain

Maintain a stable IT environment through services, tools, and reference materials to support networks and desktops

24 x 7 Problem Resolution Support

Lets you stay continuously connected with Microsoft for your support needs through phone and Web support.

Corporate Error Reporting

Reports system crashes and gives IT staff the ability to monitor and review error information to control deployment of fixes.