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BSA now offering up to $200,000 in rewards for Qualifying Piracy Reports!

Last month I posted about the Business Software Alliance offering up to $50,000 in rewards for qualifying reports of illegal software use and that offer ended February 28th. Well, they’ve upped the reward for March! Yes, you read the headline properly and the rewards are now worth up to

$200,000 for qualifying piracy reports between now and April 15th!

If you look at the most recent enforcement action post they have on their site, you can see the offer for yourself. So, if you know of someone using illegal, counterfeit, unlicensed, or otherwise improper software in their business, now might be a very good time to contact the BSA about it.

Here is the information on the BSA:

Report Piracy via:
– Phone: 1-888-NO-PIRACY
– Online:

Think they’re not serious about cracking down on illegal software use? They’ve got up to

$200,000 for you that says they are!

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