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Promotions and information you just can’t help but talk about…

Ever been talking to a client and describing a great promotion that is going on or a special you think they would be interested in and when they ask you for where they can get more information you draw a blank on where you saw it or the thought of, “I know it was dot com something, whack something…” Now, it just got easier on the Microsoft Small Business side. Let’s take a typical conversation that might be used as an example (when reading, don’t say the www or .com):

Customer: “I heard this ad on the radio talking about getting Microsoft software for just per day. Know where I can find more info on that?”

Small Business Specialist: “Sure! You’re talking about the new that Microsoft launched back in October for Small Businesses. It’s a that offers an entire collection of Microsoft software to Small Business customers for just per day and you own the software!”

Customer: per day? Wow! That’s and! Plus, we’ll get all of the advantages of Volume Licensing included and all of the Software Assurance benefits?”

Small Business Specialist: “Yes! Now you know why we say there should be Microsoft software inside any business since you can get all of the benefits of Volume Licensing for so much less.”

Customer: “I wish I would have asked you about this earlier… We just bought a server with OEM SBS on it last month and I wish we had taken advantage of Software Assurance.”

Small Business Specialist: “You still can! Remember that you can to your OEM SBS Server license within 90 days of your OEM server purchase to get those benefits. In addition, the new per day qualifies for a great right now where Microsoft will send you a check to pay for my IT services in helping you get all of your IT solutions implemented.”

Customer: “Great! With these fantastic offers and promotions in place, I’d love to upgrade several PCs as well. What about your services that are not covered by the check Microsoft sends or the cost of the new hardware I’m looking to bring in. I guess I’m out of luck there, huh?”

Small Business Specialist: “Absolutely not! I can just say,, and Microsoft will offer financing to cover not only your Microsoft software purchase but also your new hardware costs and all of my IT services! Plus, for all deals submitted prior to March 31, they are even offering three months of deferred payments and interest! Also, if you buy your new PCs from a, you can qualify for up to $780 worth of bonuses from Microsoft, including 2 free plane tickets, just for buying them with Genuine Microsoft Windows software!”

Customer: “Wow! It just keeps getting better!”

Small Business Specialist: “Yeah, the list of that are available is quite impressive.”

– Small Business Specialist thinking to themselves, “Wow, I guess paying attention to all of the posts, emails, blogs, etc. from that guy up on does pay off…”

Ok, maybe that last “thought to self” above is stretching it, but hopefully this does help you put into perspective the amazing amount of deals and promotions currently taking place that you can be utilizing with your Small Business customers today. Please be sure you look into these and take some time understanding them so you and your Small Business customers can be getting the most from Microsoft and the Microsoft technology.

Thank you and have a wonderful day,

Eric Ligman
Microsoft US Senior Manager
Small Business Community Engagement
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