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OneNote – Your best friend that you don’t know about yet…

Ever been browsing around the internet and found a paragraph, section, or page that you wanted to keep so you copied it and pasted it somewhere. Then at a later point you couldn’t remember where you got that info from? Wouldn’t it be nice if it automatically remembered and showed you so you could quickly get back there?

Or what about all of those pages and pages of notes you have from various meetings, phone calls, etc. Ever spent a bunch of valuable time that you did not have to spare looking for that one quote, or note, or piece of information? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just tell your computer to “Find it” and it showed you all occurances of a phrase, word, etc. all tabbed out?

These are just a few of the things that OneNote can already do for you, and there are many, many more! If you are not using Microsoft OneNote yet, take a look at these resources to find out more today:

OneNote product info
OneNote Demos
OneNote Tips and Tricks

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