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Microsoft to invest $5 Million in Internet enforcement thanks to spammer

In another step to help protect our customers, Microsoft will dedicate $5 million dollars to increase our Internet enforcement efforts and expand technical and investigative support to help law enforcement address computer-related crimes, thanks to the recent actions against the self-proclaimed “Spam King.” Microsoft is dedicated to helping address the online issues that exist today and will continue to take steps to do so. As always, we ask you to continue to help us in this effort by reporting suspected fraudulent activities, internet listings, etc. via any of these methods:

1) Phone: 1-800-RU-LEGIT (This is anonymous so your name and information will be protected)
2) Online:  
3) Email:  

For a quick reference in regards to many of the questions we receive regarding what is legit and not legit when it comes to online listings of OEM Microsoft software and for an overview of some things to watch out for in order to protect yourself and your company, be sure
to look at the, “
Things you NEED to know about OEM software. MANY misconceptions exist today.” session we have posted in the Common Questions and Misconceptions section of our site at:  

You can also view the full PressPass article regarding the $5 Million investment and the actions against the “Spam King” at:  

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