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Calling all X-Boxers… Get your replacement cable today!

What does this have to do with Small Business?  Well, you know the old saying, “All work and no play…”  So if you are anything like me (I know, scary thought for those of you who actually do know me), after a long, trying day at the office, you know the therapeutic value of “X-Box Therapy.”  What is, “X-Box Therapy” you ask?  Quite simple…

Late at night you fire up the X-Box, throw in Halo2 or Unreal Championship (by the way, UC2 is coming in April for those Unreal fans out there), and after a few good rounds, the trials and tribulations of the day seem to melt away with each passing foe on the screen. 
J  X-Box Therapy.  And as a former Small Business owner, I used to need quite a few good sessions of X-Box therapy while running my company.  So now to the point of this post…

If you haven’t been to the X-Box main page lately, head on out there.  When you first get to the page, take a look to the right and you will see the following:

Apparently they found a slight glitch in some of the older X-Box system cables which could cause your X-Box to really heat things up inside the box.  According to the site, “Xbox consoles manufactured on or after October 23, 2003 do not need a replacement cord.  In Continental Europe, consoles manufactured on or after January 13, 2004 do not need a replacement cord.”

Kudos to the folks on the X-Box Team for finding this and setting up the cable swap program to get all owners of systems possibly affected by this issue new power cables at no cost to you.  So now that you know, stop reading this, get over to the X-Box page, and see if your system needs a new cable!  Because I know I don’t want to be the first person you talk to after you’ve missed your X-Box therapy session due to your system being out of commission… 

Happy gaming to all and see you back in the office tomorrow,

Eric Ligman
Small Business Development Manager – U.S. Central Region

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