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Answers to common questions and misconceptions in “plain English.”

Ever wished you could get an answer in plain English to some of your questions without a 100 page whitepaper and an acronym translator?  Hopefully this will help…

In order to better address several of the common questions we get asked quite often or misconceptions we come across, we have just released a new section on the Small Business Channel Community site to help you address these.  Here you will find short video clips explaining the CORRECT answers to these items along with valuable insights you can use to help prevent these in the future, and they are in plain English.  Also, they are short and to the point (the longest video is less than 9 minutes).

Here is a sample of the questions & misconceptions we have added so far: 

     What is the difference between OEM, Retail Box, and Volume Licensing software? Which is right for me?
     What do I need to show proof of ownership for my Microsoft software?
     Should you choose Open License or Retail Boxed software as a Small Business? Which is better for you?
     If you only need a single server or a single MSDN license, do you qualify for Volume Licensing or do you need (5) licenses to qualify?  (The answer may surprise you)
     Things you NEED to know about OEM software. MANY misconceptions exist today.

Why did we do these?  Because not knowing the right answers to the questions above costs YOU money!  The answers above will help you spend less on your Microsoft software and help you protect the software licenses you purchase. 

Just for kicks, write down what you think are the answers to the questions above and then watch the videos.  Did you get them all right?  Did you hear anything that helped you save money?  My hope is you do and you find these helpful.  If you do find them helpful, please let us know.  If you have comments or feedback, you know where to find us. 
J  After all, if they don’t help you, they’re not doing us any good…

All of the videos above are in the “Common Questions & Misconceptions” section of the Microsoft Small Business Community Site:

Thank you and have a wonderful day,

Eric Ligman
Small Business Development Manager – U.S. Central Region

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