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The benefits of volume licensing: discounts and more

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There are precious few slam dunks in the world of running a small business.  But volume licensing of software products is one of the notable, if misunderstood, exceptions. In a universe where cost control and options are often few and far between, volume licensing offers a hard-to-beat combination of dollars saved and flexibility.

“Once small-business owners really come to understand what volume licensing is, it just makes all the sense in the world,” says Eric Ligman, business development manager for Microsoft’s small-business segment. 

The rub is in knowing precisely what volume licensing really means, says Ligman, who acknowledges that the term is not clearly understood among many. Volume licensing can be likened to bulk discount acquisitions, only the “bulk” isn’t necessarily required. Rather than purchasing necessary software on an as-needed, retail basis, acquiring through volume licensing allows you to obtain licenses in the quantities you need — from as few as five to as many as several thousand.

Some benefits:

1) Cost savings
2) License safety
3) Easier Installation and management
4) Better training and education
5) Greater flexibility
6) Greater protection

Common misconceptions:

1) “I’m too small” – Companies with as few as 2 PCs are already participating in MS Volume Licensing Programs!
2) “It’s an obligation” – Nope
3) “The software software is different/limited” – Quite the opposite!  Volume License software gives you MORE than Retail Box.
4) “There is a difficult purchasing procedure” – No way!

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