Upgrading your 10 PCs to Windows XP Pro? Get all 10 upgrades for less than the price of 9, plus get a free year of Software Assurance and many extra benefits thrown in. Let us show you how.

For any of you who have attended or viewed my live or archived Licensing Training Seminars, you have heard me say that Licensing is not a solution, it is merely a tool to help you acquire the solution you are looking for.  Just like you choose the right tool when working around the house (a hammer to pound in a nail, a saw to cut wood, etc.), choosing the right “tool” (Licensing Program) to acquire your Microsoft licensing can make your job much easier and save you time and money.

For this example, let’s say your company has 10 PCs and you are looking to upgrade to Windows XP Professional on those 10 PCs.  Let’s also say your company understands the value of Upgrade protection, eLearning, etc. that Software Assurance provides, so you decide to purchase the Windows XP Professional Upgrade + Software Assurance for your 10 PCs.

Option #1: Choose the Open License Business “Tool”

Qty. (10) Part# E85-00445, Windows XP Professional Upgrade + 2 years of Software Assurance, with a U.S. ERP of $294 each for a total of: $2,940.  Would this get you what you need?  Sure.  Is it the best option?  Well, you are upgrading all of the PCs in your company, right?  As such, you would qualify for a “Company-wide” discount, so let’s look at that option:


Option #2: Choose the Open License Value Company-Wide “tool”


Qty. (10) Part# E85-01013, Windows XP Professional Upgrade + 3 years of Software Assurance, with a U.S. ERP of $248 each for a total of: $2,480.  (A $460 ERP savings over Option #1)

By taking advantage of the Company-Wide discounts you qualify for, you can get all 10 of your Windows XP Pro Upgrades with Software Assurance for $166 ERP LESS than buying just 9 of them through the Open License Business Program without the Company-Wide discount.  Plus, you are getting THREE years of Software Assurance through the Open License Value Company-Wide Program instead of only two that Open License Business provides.

So, by choosing the Open License Value Company-Wide option (tool):
1) You can acquire all (10) Windows XP Pro Upgrades with Software Assurance for $166 ERP less than the cost of just (9) through Open License Business

2) You receive three years of Software Assurance benefits instead of just two

3) Since you chose the Open License Value Program instead of Open License Business, you also get the benefit of spreading the payment for your purchase out over three years instead of having to pay up front (no interest, no finance charges, no additional charges at all).  

4) Plus, the Company-Wide Program also gets you the TechNet Online Concierge benefit, the Employee Purchase Program benefit, the Microsoft Windows Preinstallation Environment benefit, along with the Corporate Error Reporting benefit, which the Open License Business Program would not have given you.


And all of these extras are yours for LESS than buying just (9) through Option #1 listed above.  Is your licensing reseller pointing out the extra potential savings and benefits that the Open License Value and Open License Value Company-Wide Programs offer to you?  If not, just look at the example above to see what you might be missing and be sure to bring this to their attention the next time you are looking for Microsoft solutions.


Thank you and have a wonderful day,

Eric Ligman
Small Business Development Manager – U.S. Central Region

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