Windows 8 Camp in a Box


If you do not attend one of the  Windows 8 Developer Camps do not worry, just download "Windows 8 Camp in a Box" from here: and you will find it:

  • Session Slides – 20 presentations covering development and design topics
  • Hands-on Labs – Available in C# and JavaScript, covering topics such as touch, views, contracts (search/share), media, state, settings, tiles & notifications, and more.
  • Samples – Including HTML, XAML, and C++ versions of the “Contoso Cookbook” Metro style app as well as an HTML “Platformer” game.
  • Resources – Links to some useful sites

After installing, you’ll find a “Default.htm” link on your desktop. Open it to get launch a content directory:


Of course you can also open the directory where you installed the Camp in a Box, but the HTML interface is a friendly way to begin exploring.

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  1. Glenn Wilson says:

    Thanks for the links.

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