Behind the Scenes: Motion Tracking Robot Controller at Maker Faire 2011

On November 15th Elliott posted a blog on the The Motion Tracking Robot Controller.  I was fortunate enough to work on this project and host an interactive demo of it at Maker Faire 2011 in New York this last Fall.  You can see what the installation looked like in the second half of this video:…


Lego Hexapod powered by Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio

This is a cool hexapod robot that’s built using the Lego Mindstorm kit with logic written using the Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio platform. Gokulnath Murugesan who hails from Chennai India put this together and recorded a video of it in action. Also, in this video, you’ll see him control the robot using an Android Phone….


robuRide-28, a fully autonomous GPS based passenger vehicle  

 The video posting below captures a run of the robuRIDE-28 a passenger car developed by Robosoft.   The car, later renamed as VolvanBUL, is designed to carry 28 passengers, 12 km/h and will be deployed in Vulcania, a French theme park in April.    robuRIDE-28/VolvanBUL is fully autonomous vehicle controlled via robuBox-CTS, developed over the Microsoft Robotics…


Situational Awareness Vision System

  At the Ground Robotics Capabilities Conference held earlier this month, Braintech demonstrated the power of its MSRS-based VOLTS-IQ software development kit for concurrently performing high-performance visual awareness across several cameras.  The SDK adds sophisticated vision capabilities to Microsoft Robotics Studio in the form of high-level and precise services that implement advanced vision algorithms.  In…


RobotTurK: Disaster Emergency Video system

In 1999 northwestern Turkey was struck by a 7.4 magnitude earthquake which resulted in the deaths of over 45,000  people and leaving millions homeless.  The disaster was compounded by a five-day communication breakdown among the local authorities making it difficult to assess ground conditions and to coordinate relief efforts.   Motivated to assist these types of…


Use of VOTLS-IQ SDK with Lego Mindstorm NXT

As indicated in one of my prior blog posts Braintech’s VOLTS-IQ SDK provides high-performance vision functionally  as MSRS services.  One of the new additions to the VOLTS-IQ SDK is a multi-view object detector, Vi_MultiViewObjectDetector, which enables one to train a robot (with vision) to recognize a variety of objects from arbitrary viewpoints.  In this video, Braintech…


Home-centric robot to assist people

Robosoft, has now developed and demonstrated a home centric service robot to assist people.  The prototype robot was based on ‘robuLab10’ – mobile platform and ‘robuBox’ – robotic middleware based on Microsoft Robotics Studio.   The prototype was demonstrated at Microsoft®’s Innovation Day at Brussels.   More information on the prototype and demonstrations can be found here:…


Robot Learning and Behavior Control

Skilligent, an MSRS partner, has announced the release 1.0 of its Skilligent Robot Learning and Behavior Control System for service robots.  The software includes a behavior control and coordination system, task and skill learning functions, computer vision system, a social human-to-robot interface, a database for storing knowledge and other integrated robotic components. The control system…


MSDN Seminar on Microsoft Robotic Studio (and XNA)

Our MSDN Developer Evangelist team will be hosting a technology day that includes Microsoft Robotics Studio in its morning session. There will be two talks, the first – An Introduction to MSRS. This talk will provide an overview, the application model and Visual Programming Language.  And the Second talk will peek under the hood at…


Micro/Meso-scale manipulation

The General Robotics, Automation, Sensing and Perception (GRASP) Lab is an inter-disciplinary research center at the University of Pennsylvania. In this lab Microsoft Robotics Studio (MSRS) is used to develop a distributed remote micro/meso-scale manipulation system to assembly parts ranging in size from microns to a few millimeters.  The system supports both the real-world experimentation…