Software Engineering course material for Robotics

Microsoft together with their partner, Georgia Tech, developed a comprehensive course for teaching the basics of software engineering as it’s applied to robotics. This course utilizes the Microsoft Robotic Developer Studio R3 for software implementation and examples. This lecture series covers the following : Basic software engineering Software engineering tools Introduction to Microsoft Robotics Developer…


CCR used at MySpace in a highly parallel environment

A video entitled CCR at MySpace has been released on Channel 9. It describes how the Concurrency and Coordination Runtime (CCR) has been used to handle requests for data on the MySpace servers which process tens of thousands of web requests per second. This is a perfect application for CCR which simplifies concurrent programming and…


RobotTurK: Disaster Emergency Video system

In 1999 northwestern Turkey was struck by a 7.4 magnitude earthquake which resulted in the deaths of over 45,000  people and leaving millions homeless.  The disaster was compounded by a five-day communication breakdown among the local authorities making it difficult to assess ground conditions and to coordinate relief efforts.   Motivated to assist these types of…


Performance considerations when using enumerable types

We’ve observed a high CPU utilization when using enumerable datatypes with binary serialization/intranode interaction. Performance degradation is most noticeable when a List (or Array) contains many items and/or the frequency of use is very high. The root cause for this is in the conversion of each item in the list to XML prior to binary…


Using the CCR and DSS beyond Robotics

“Can I use the CCR for something other than Robotics?” The answer is yes, and same applies to our distributed runtime (DSS). We think robotics is a very interesting application for autonomous software, for software that coordinates inputs with outputs. Coordination, responsiveness, dealing with partial failure is what the CCR helps you with which tends to be…

Okay I have installed the bits, what’s next?

I suggest that you start with the tutorials to gain familiarity with the programming concepts and the runtime.  There are three categories of tutorials installed with Microsoft Robotics Studio (MSRS)   Service Tutorial: Step by step the reader is taken through service creation, modifying service state, persistence, subscriptions, and observing state through a web browser….