Software Engineering course material for Robotics

Microsoft together with their partner, Georgia Tech, developed a comprehensive course for teaching the basics of software engineering as it’s applied to robotics. This course utilizes the Microsoft Robotic Developer Studio R3 for software implementation and examples. This lecture series covers the following :

  • Basic software engineering
  • Software engineering tools
  • Introduction to Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio
  • Development using simulation
  • Process/System Models
  • Communication and Synchronization
  • Standard System Architectures
  • Hardware interfacing

The course also includes a number of exercises to enable students to consider how design decisions such as data flow, synchronization, and how it impacts the overall performance of the system.

You can download the complete course content here : or read Georgia Tech' Course Syllabus here :

Feel free to contact us via our Twitter account or on the Microsoft Robotics Forums if you have any questions or feedback. 

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