New tool and tutorials for learning about Robotics Developer Studio

Young Joon Kim in Korea maintains a web site about Robotics Developer Studio called Hello Apps. He has recently added the topics below:

  • C# interface programming with SPL

  • Java interface programming with SPL

  • Python interface programming with SPL

  • LabView interface programming with VPL and SPL

  • MATLAB interface programming with VPL

  • Flash interface programming with VPL and SPL

  • VPL UI programming

  • And a lot of robotics and creativity course samples

Note that SPL (Simulation Programming Language) is Young Joon's own development environment for RDS. SPL adds a scripting layer to the RDS Simulator. Although it is based around simulation, the principles apply to real-world robotics as well.

VPL codeSimulated Robot

There is a lot of great material on the web site, especially if you are just learning how to use RDS or if you might want to teach a class using RDS. You can download both RDS and SPL for free, which makes learning basic robotics very low cost.

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