Using RDS in Cars and for Home Automation

Stacy Harris and John Mullinax were the key people behind the University of Michigan project to use RDS for social networking in cars. (See a previous blog entry). In this short interview with John O’Donnell they talk about how the project came about and Stacy also gives some insight into his experiments with home automation using…


Microsoft Surface meets Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio at U. Mass Lowell

Researchers at the University of Massachusetts Lowell Robotics Lab have used a Microsoft Surface as a way to command multiple robots to move around in arbitrary paths. You can watch the video to see how smoothly it works. Visit the Robotics Lab web site for more information on work in progress.      


Add-ons for the RDS Simulator

The Robotics Developer Studio (RDS) Simulator is a key feature of the package that allows you to get started without buying expensive robots. It is a great tool for use in education. The add-ons outlined below help you to create your own simulation environments and get started on learning about robotics. Using SimplyCube from VPL SimplyCube…


Partner News from Studica, Robosoft

This partner update includes news from the RDS partners Studica and Robosoft. Studica News Studica is a new Robotics partner. They are the North American distributor for Fischertechnik and they are very active in the education community. Recently Studica ran their Second Annual Virtual Robotics Competition at the Ontario Technical Skills Competitions at RIM Park in…


Microsoft Announces Robotics Developer Studio 2008 R3

Taking a look back at the recent past in the robotics industry reflects a period full of promise, excitement, anticipation, and rapid evolution. So much movement has happened in the right direction; we’ve watched closely as robotics technology has begun to transition along the path from a big, expensive, specialized, industrial level towards a future…


Social Networking Apps for Cars at University of Michigan

As part of a “Cloud Computing in the Commute” class at the University of Michigan, students have been working on the next generation of in-car connectivity based on access to Ford’s developmental application platform, built on Microsoft Windows 7 and Robotics Developer Studio in the vehicle and integrated with Windows Azure in the cloud. The…


The First US National Robotics Week

This week sees the celebration of the first National Robotics Week in the US. Since the foundation of Microsoft Robotics in 2004 by Tandy Trower and where he was Microsoft’s representative (with Stewart Tansley for Microsoft Research) in the Computing Community Consortium’s (CCC) efforts to create a “national road-map” for robotics technology, we’re excited to…


New tool and tutorials for learning about Robotics Developer Studio

Young Joon Kim in Korea maintains a web site about Robotics Developer Studio called Hello Apps. He has recently added the topics below: C# interface programming with SPL Java interface programming with SPL Python interface programming with SPL LabView interface programming with VPL and SPL MATLAB interface programming with VPL Flash interface programming with VPL…