CoroWare Announcements

CoroWare has opened the source of the ClassPack product line. It is now freely available on SourceForge here: . The code includes services for the physical CoroBot, a simulated version of the CoroBot, and an OCU for remote control.


You do not need a physical CoroBot robot to use the code. The simulated CoroBot is a standalone robot for the RDS simulator. It is a mobile 4-wheel skid steering robot, with a 3 degree-of-freedom arm, gripper, infrared distance sensors, and webcam. 

The code is licensed under LGPL. Contributions are invited from the RDS Community.

Also, CoroWare recently announced a new robot called the Explorer. This robot is designed for more rugged outdoor environments than the CoroBot with independent 4-wheel suspension and a GPS.


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