robuRide-28, a fully autonomous GPS based passenger vehicle  

 The video posting below captures a run of the robuRIDE-28 a passenger car developed by Robosoft.   The car, later renamed as VolvanBUL, is designed to carry 28 passengers, 12 km/h and will be deployed in Vulcania, a French theme park in April.    robuRIDE-28/VolvanBUL is fully autonomous vehicle controlled via robuBox-CTS, developed over the Microsoft Robotics Studio infrastructure.  The vehicle has an 2cm accuracy over a 1km circuit.


Vincent Dupourque, CEO of Robosoft, says " ...  the most interesting thing is that it demonstrates how powerful is MSRS for roboticians : to go faster, we went to the site in December to get GPS coordinates of the trajectories (using a GPS in a car). Back to ROBOSOFT, we reconstructed the road and built a model of the vehicle in a simulator. With this simulator, we were able to develop and validate the new control algorithms in our robuBOX-CTS. We even found out that in some conditions the vehicle was not able to stay on the road. When the real vehicle was ready, it took about 1 week to install and tune the software. Almost magic!"


The link to the video is here.  



Joseph Fernando

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