Situational Awareness Vision System


At the Ground Robotics Capabilities Conference held earlier this month, Braintech demonstrated the power of its MSRS-based VOLTS-IQ software development kit for concurrently performing high-performance visual awareness across several cameras.  The SDK adds sophisticated vision capabilities to Microsoft Robotics Studio in the form of high-level and precise services that implement advanced vision algorithms.  In this demonstration, the Braintech technology team coupled its proprietary VOLTS-IQ Motion Detector with four cameras, and extracted events of interest.  These were then analyzed to determine where to point a pan-tilt unit.  The aim of the project was to implement a 'situational awareness' vision system, enabling a user to be aware of events of interest from multiple sources without incurring information-overload and delay.  The demonstration nicely illustrates the concurrency capabilities of MSRS, allowing Braintech to implement real-time vision across many sensors. 


The demo could be viewed here.

Information on VOLTS-IQ SDK is available here.   



Joseph Fernando

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