Recorded talk : Microsoft Robotics Studio — An Introduction

If you are interested in an introduction to Microsoft Robotics Studio you can find Vlad’s talk here. 

With this talk you will learn:

·         How to get started with Microsoft Robotics Studio

·         How to easily create services for a wide variety of robot hardware using the Visual Programming Language  

·         How MSRS makes Asynchronous Programming easy with the Concurrency and Coordination Runtime (CCR) which simplifies programming to handle asynchronous input from multiple robotics sensors and output to motors and actuators

·         How the Decentralized Software Services (DSS) application model makes it simple to access, and to respond to a robot’s state, using a Web-browser or Windows-based application thereby allowing real time monitoring of robotic sensors and response to motors and actuators.

Also you can find a collection of other interesting technical talks by Vlad Vinogradsky, Architect Evangelist,  here.



Joseph Fernando

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