Use of VOTLS-IQ SDK with Lego Mindstorm NXT

As indicated in one of my prior blog posts Braintech's VOLTS-IQ SDK provides high-performance vision functionally  as MSRS services.  One of the new additions to the VOLTS-IQ SDK is a multi-view object detector, Vi_MultiViewObjectDetector, which enables one to train a robot (with vision) to recognize a variety of objects from arbitrary viewpoints.  In this video, Braintech Robotic Vision Scientist Robert Sim demonstrates the performance of the detector in a fetch-and-deliver robot application using Lego Mindstorms. The robot uses vision to locate objects of interest, approach and grasp the object.  Then it uses vision to locate a 'recycling bin' to deposits the object.  The system not only highlights the benefits of adding vision to robotic applications, but also the ease in which MSRS can be leveraged.  In this scenario MSRS enables off-board processing to enhance the capabilities of the Lego NXT as well.   Version 1.6 of the VOLTS-IQ SDK can be downloaded from here.

 Joseph Fernando

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