The Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

Featuring more than 2,700 companies that showcased their latest innovations, the Consumer Electronics Show, wrapped up its four day event last Thursday.  Tucked away in the Microsoft Pavilion, but drawing large crowds was the Microsoft Robotics studio booth, where we demoed several consumer robots including Yujin’s iRobiQ and Mostitech’s Mir.   At the show, Microrobot announced its new robot, Herey, a dynamic six legged robot which is controlled through Microsoft Robotics Studio’ Visual Programming Language.

To the interested reader, here are some recent publications on the event: 

A Robot in Every Home- Microsoft’s High Hopes; Discover Magazine (blog)


Microsoft Searches for Robotics Visionaries


Robots Need a Sensitive Touch, PC World,141257-c,artificialintelligence/article.html


A Sensitive arm is the next big thing for robots (repost);873896303


and pictures from our booth and talks:


Guests at the booth; Tandy, David and Kyle explain the product offering and answer questions.


Tandy on stage discussing the robotics industry; David assisting with the demos.


And finally,  Microrobot’s T’Tank prototype robot.




Joseph Fernando

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