Robot Learning and Behavior Control

Skilligent, an MSRS partner, has announced the release 1.0 of its Skilligent Robot Learning and Behavior Control System for service robots.  The software includes a behavior control and coordination system, task and skill learning functions, computer vision system, a social human-to-robot interface, a database for storing knowledge and other integrated robotic components. The control system is designed for applications in various domains including the defense, industry, agriculture, museums, food processing and households.

The Skilligent software enables solution providers to create robots which can be trained by end users - vs. programmed by a software engineer. The software analyzes the user's gestures, looks at the objects presented by the user, listens to the sounds and learns what the robot is supposed to do. Watch the robot learning videos demonstrating the capabilities of the product.




Skilligent is now integrating the product with MSRS in order to provide and flexible environment for development and research. Per Skilligent the integrated environment will be available in the first quarter of 2008.

-Joseph Fernando

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