Robotic Vision Solutions: VOLTS-IQ SDK 1.6

Braintech Inc, a Microsoft Robotics Studio partner has now released Version 1.6 of its VOLTS-IQ SDK.  This SDK is designed to work with Microsoft Robotics Studio and provides developers with the ability to easily add visual intelligence to their robotics applications. VOLTS-IQ services provide capabilities to recognize and track objects or distinct patterns. Included in this package are the following services:

  • Vi_Tracker: tracks user-defined objects within the camera view, while making target position and orientation information available to other services.

  • Vi_MultiviewObjectDetector: recognition and localization service that can detect multiple objects, and multiple object types, in an image at the same time. The service can be trained to recognize an object from multiple viewpoints and exports the position of objects that are detected.

  • Vi_FaceDetector: a service that can detect one or more faces in images obtained from a webcam service.

  • Vi_MotionDetector: a service that can alert you or your robot when it detects motion in a scene.

  • Vi_WebCam: webcam service that provides video and image feeds to other MSRS services from most USB cameras.

  • Vi_IPCamera: a webcam service that provides image feeds from remote IP cameras, including Motion JPEG cameras.

  • Vi_MissileLauncher: a device service for controlling a DreamCheeky USB dart launcher.
    ... and more.  The complete service directory is available here

    VOLTS-IQ SDK 1.6 can be downloaded from here.


Joseph Fernando

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