A growing list of Microsoft Robotics Studio Partners

Microsoft Robotics Studio offers a Partner Program, commonly referred to as  MSRSPP that features companies that endorsers and utilizes Microsoft Robotics Studio in their product offerings. 

The featured companies fall into the categories of:


  • Robot Manufacturers:  manufactures and markets robots that support MSRS-based services/applications.

  • Hardware Component Vendors: manufactures and markets hardware devices that support MSRS-based services or MSRS-based robotics scenarios.

  • Solution Providers: develops commercial software solution using MSRS technologies. May act as a consultant or solution provider to other 3rd parties.

  • ISV: develops software or software development tools for MSRS-based robots.

More information on the program, the highlights and requirements can be found here.


I would like to welcome the new partners who’ve joined the program since mid October.


Barrett Technology, Inc.

Barrett Technology is a spun-off from the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1990. Since then it has focused on machine intelligence and flexibility with robotic manipulators. Today Barrett designs and markets highly-dexterous robotic manipulators to a wide array of industries as well as to research institutions. These manipulators are utilized in complex environments operating near and around people.



Hanool Robotics was established in 1998 and focuses on the development of intelligent robotics. Currently, the company manufactures and distributes mobile and educational platforms to the consumer, military and research sectors.


KMC Robotics Co.,Ltd

KMC Robotics develops and manufactures educational platforms that helps students study technologies centric to intelligent robot control. The company plans to make these electrical, electronic and mechatronics educational platforms programmable through Microsoft Robotics Studio.


TRI Technosolutions Pvt. Ltd.

TRI Technosolutions Pvt. Ltd. is focused in the fields of robotics & embedded systems with and emphasis on educational robotics. TRI facilitates scientific and technical education by providing resources through wide variety of kits, software based programming tools, basic & advanced level workshops and web based learning. Tri's iBOT kit is self-sufficient for performing various experiments which enhances the learning of concepts in robotics, automation, embedded systems, micro-controller programming, sensors feedback driven systems, and motor control. TRI has developed new services for controlling iBot and iBoard 8051 using Microsoft Robotics Studio (MSRS).


Visual Components

Visual Components focuses on 3D simulation and visualization; offering machine builders, system integrators and companies a simple, quick and highly cost effective way to build and simulate their total process solutions in manufacturing. Visual Components has merged several research areas into a single "Unified Infrastructure for Simulation, Communication and Execution of Robotic Systems" using Microsoft Robotic Studio together with 3DCreate as foundation elements to enable the modeling, simulation, programming and execution of robotic applications.


Wany Robotics

With an emphasis on mass-market consumer needs Wany Robotics develops robotic technologies in the area of intelligent mobile robots for the homes as well as for consumer good manufacturers. When integrated into next-generation devices and home appliances its solutions provide autonomous and intelligent behavior to common consumer goods at a lower production cost.  This company was the first to develop and manufacturer educational robots in France, with its Pekee robot aimed at high schools, community colleges, and universities.





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