3rd Grand Challenge comes to a closure…

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Urban Challenge is the third in a series of competitions held by this agency to foster the development of autonomous robotic ground vehicle technology.  This weekend the Urban challenge came to a closure when the vehicles of Stanford Racing Team, Tartan Racing, VictorTango , Ben Franklin Racing TeamMIT and Team Cornell drove without any human intervention and obeying California traffic laws, performed maneuvers such as merging into moving traffic, navigating traffic circles and avoiding obstacles. 


We would like to express our congratulations to winners


1st Place - Tartan Racing, Pittsburgh, PA

Tartan Racing – Carnegie Mellon University


2nd Place - Stanford Racing Team, Stanford, CA

Stanford Racing Team – Stanford University


3rd Place - Victor Tango, Blacksburg, VA

Victor Tango – Virginia Tech

And are sincere thanks to all the teams who participated and contributed to this phenomenal event; helping advance the technologies forward.

We also like to express our appreciation and thanks to Princeton Autonomous Vehicle Engineering Team (PAVE), who used Microsoft Robotics Studio as one of their enabling technologies.


Joseph Fernando

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