Robo-Development Conference and Exposition

The inaugural Robo-Development Conference and Exposition was held in San Jose October 25th and 26th where Microsoft was the founding sponsor.  This multifaceted educational forum and trade show's primary focus was on design and development of commercially viable personal, service and intelligent robotics products.  The keynotes and general sessions were specifically engineered to impart information needed to develop the next generation of robotics.  At this event the session tracks emphasized on:

o    Design, Development and Standards

o    Tools and Platforms

o    Enabling Technology

Contributing to this conference Tandy Trower, General Manager delivered a keynote. Beyond this, under a bonus track, technical presentations were delivered by the development team.  Click here for the slide decks used by our team.  

To the interested reader, here are some recent press publications on the event:  

Robots for all occasions, CNET News , by Corinne Schulze
Robot builders hunt for a killer application, The Register, by Austin Modine
Robo Development Conference in Pictures, The Register, by Austin Modine

Top Minds in Robotics Meet in San Jose, KCBS

and pictures from our booth and talks.

 Tandy Trower, General Manager, discussing the state of the robotics industry at the keynote:


Patrick Deegan and Bryan Thibodeau demonstrating  Ubot-5 at the keynote:

The booth, conference attendees crowding to get a hand-on experience with Visual Programming Language, Simulation and to get a closer look at U-bot5:

 And here's Andreas explaining the code he's written:

Another closer look at u-Bot5:


And here's Paul,  talking about how to write simulation services.


U-Bo5 meets a Segway platform controlled via MSRS services:



And reaches for the key board to program it…. 






Joseph Fernando








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