International Robot and Vision Show

The International Robot and Vision Show, initially launched in 1976, occurs every two years drawing in a large customer base looking for new robotic products and solutions within the industrial setting.   This year there were over 6000 attendees viewing products showcased by over 160 exhibitors in technological categories of Robotics, Machine Vision, and Motion Control.  Beyond these technological areas Emerging Robotics Pavilion showcased technologies that could be applied to industrial and non-industrial settings alike.   Microsoft Robotics Studio was showcased in this Pavilion as well as presented at the New Product Presentation Theater.  You can find the slide deck I used for this presentation here.

At this event BrainTech, Coroware and RoboRealm demoed the usage of Microsoft Robotics Studio and their Technology Library contributions in the areas of Vision and Robotics.

In the pictures below RoboRealm is has leveraged Microsoft Robotic Studio and their technological libraries to realize a vision base obstacle avoidance algorithm.  The mobile platform utilized is a Surveyor (MSRS Partner) SRV-1.


Joseph Fernando

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