Demonstration of mapping technologies

At RoboBusiness Conference and Expo 2007 held in Boston MA, Karto demonstrated their web-services-based mapping technologies in cooperation with Robosoft.  The demonstration consisted of a Robosoft robuLAB 80 mobile platform with a SICK S3000 CMS laser system. The robuLAB 80 was powered by Microsoft Robotics Studio with the Karto thin-client plug-in to source laser range scan data to the Karto map generation server.  The picture below shows the generated map on the laptop screen for the demo booth area.



Prior to the event SRI Karto team worked with Microsoft Robotic Studio Simulator integrating laser data from a simulated mobile platform. At the event we flipped the switch to use data from a real physical laser and the system worked beautifully.  

You can find more information on

 Karto’s web-service mapping solutions here:

 Robotsoft’s roboLab 80 mobile platform here:

Joseph Fernando


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