Braintech Announces MSRS based VOLTS-IQ CTP

At the International Robot and Vision Show Braintech announced the release of a Community Technical Preview (“CTP”) of its new robot vision Software Development Kit VOLTS-IQ™, powered by Microsoft Robotics Studio. This preliminary version of VOLTS-IQ focuses on providing a preview of the company's robust visual target tracking capability.  Household objects can be quickly trained and tracked in webcam images using the Vi_Tracker™ service contained in the CTP.  This ability is a highly useful visual function for virtually any autonomous robot.  Interested developers can download the CTP free for non-commercial use from


In the pictures below a user utilizes a standard car steering wheel (with a pattern affixed to the base) to maneuver a mobile robot through an obstacle course in Microsoft Robotics Studio Simulation environment.  Using a web camera Braintech’s VOLTS-IQ MSRS services tacks in real time the orientation of the steering wheel.  This information is utilized by the MSRS orchestration application to control the robot in the simulation environment


 Joseph Fernando

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