At the Maker Faire

Maker Faire is a two-day, event that celebrates engineering, science projects, arts, and crafts, with a Do-It-Yourself attitude.  This year’s event boasted 45,000 attendees and the Faire seemed even crazier than last year, with power tool drag racing, explosions in the background, battle bots, flame throwers, bicycle-powered carousels, and many many amazing things to see and play with.

In this environment Microsoft hosted Microsoft Maker Hall, 5000 ft2 of very cool technologies demos and hands-on labs.  Microsoft Robotics Studio Partner RoboticsConnection was one of the contributors to this collection of demos.  At this event they unveiled their latest platform – Stinger and demoed its usage with Microsoft Robotics Studio. More information on the demos can be found here:

The Stinger Platform. 

Microsoft Maker robotics poster.

 And finally, the above picture shows Maker Attendees entering the Microsoft-Maker hall.

Joseph Fernando

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