MEDC 2007 Sumo Competition – Behind the Scene Photos

You’ve probably have seen some of the pictures and videos of the MEDC Sumo competition.    If not follow these links:  Pictures  and Videos.  Here are some pictures from behind the scenes.

Andreas, David, Kyle, Paul and I arrived in Las Vegas a day in advance to assemble 40 Sumo Robot.  The first step in this process was to unpack the iRobot Create platforms, batteries, ICOP eBox 2300s, Logitec cameras, switching power supplies, battery charges, etc, and organize the components.



And get rid of the large pile of boxes and packing material - in order to make room for the subsequent robot assembly.


Next we assembled the iRobot Create base platform, putting in the batteries and stabilization wheel.


And 40 of them got plugged into the charges.   Here’s how it looked like when the room lights were turned off:


While the batteries were charging we assembled the hosing for the eBox 2300/Logitec camera units



Here’s Paul and David aligning the cameras on the Sumo assemblies


And a few tests to make sure that sumo units worked as advertized


After 16 hrs of assembly and tests the Robots were finally ready for the next day’s hands on lab and competition:


Here’s a picture of Michael Buffer and Joseph Fernando at TAO:


- Joseph Fernando


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