Microsoft Robotics Studio to be presented at the next BioIT-Forum

Robotics have played a critical role in the acceleration of biomedical knowledge most notably in the Human Genome Project. This event will illustrate the use of Microsoft technology in the life sciences including Microsoft Robotics Studio. The meeting keynote will be delivered by Dr. Tim Hunkapiller who is a pioneer in the field of computational biotechnology.  I will discuss how Microsoft Robotics Studio can applied within this industry.


At this forum you will learn about how will Microsoft’s investments in robotics make it easier to develop production quality  automated and autonomous systems. In addition to robotics, other topics to be presented include


• What are the developments that will make genomics relevant to our daily lives
• How can you leverage the applications that your users already have to provide more timely,
   more powerful, and more usable discovery systems
• What is Microsoft’s vision for “personal supercomputing” and what is available today
• How can the next generation of consumer photography technology save you significant storage
  costs for your biomedical images
• What are the efforts of the BioIT Alliance to realize the potential of personalized medicine


Interested users can register for this event through the following website:



Joseph Fernando


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