Microsoft Releases Soccer Simulation for Microsoft Robotics Studio (1.0)- Preview March 2007


Microsoft has sponsored RoboCup 2007 in Atlanta and will host competitive soccer matches using the Microsoft Robotics Studio. The matches are simulation-based and will be hosted within the Microsoft Robotics Studio physics-based 3D simulation environment which uses the licensed PhysX™ engine from AGEIA™ Technologies Inc.


While this contest will demonstrate a competitive simulation environment, Microsoft is also working with robot manufacturers developing hardware for RoboCup to demonstrate how easily player competition software can be transferred to physical robots.


Download the preview today, which includes a 3D simulated soccer field and scoring services.  


Please note that for running all 4 simulated soccer players at the same time, a high end graphics card is required. You can however just start the simulation with one or two players and develop your logic. More information can be found in the Readme.htm file, included in the package and placed in the samples\simulation\competitions\SimulatedSoccerServices folder of your MSRS installation.


Please post questions and comments in the MSRS newsgroup.

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