Using the CCR and DSS beyond Robotics

"Can I use the CCR for something other than Robotics?"

The answer is yes, and same applies to our distributed runtime (DSS). We think robotics is a very interesting application for autonomous software, for software that coordinates inputs with outputs. Coordination, responsiveness, dealing with partial failure is what the CCR helps you with which tends to be what most software needs.

Note that commercial use of the CCR and DSS falls under our commercial license so please read about it at [1]. But our license does not restrict you to use the runtime only on robots, which is a common misunderstanding. You can use it for anything, and the CCR has no dependencies on any of the robotic specific samples or even on the services runtime (DSS).

More on the CCR and how it can easily express patterns from a variety of other paradigms (like futures, state machines, data flows, event based synchronization, locks, joins, etc) will come in future posts.

If you like to discuss the CCR please use our newsgroup for now, since that is where all the active threads are taking place. 

If you are using CCR or DSS for an application outside robotics then please tell us about it by posting a message to our Newsgroup. Even if we may not be able to provide support for such uses we would love to hear about it.




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