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We are starting to see some nice creative things that the community is buildng around Microsoft Robotics Studio. With our August Community Technical Preview, we revised our End-User License Agreement (EULA) to allow you to modify and redistribute in source or binary format any samples we include in our Samples directory. This is to encourage the sharing of derivative work that might benefit the community using Microsoft Robotics Studio.

Note that such redistribution does not at this time allow for redistribution of our runtime or other components of Microsoft Robotics Studio. Redistribution of a runtime and use of our other components are still restricted to your own use as outlined in the installation End-User License Agreement (EULA) for Microsoft Robotics Studio.

We encourage you to consider using the Channel 9 Sandbox ( if you wish to share your code with the rest of the community. You may wish to consider using the Codeplex site ( if your project is more of a community development effort.

Whatever site you use, be certain you comply both with the terms of the Microsoft Robotics Studio EULA as well as the terms of use provided by these sites (or others you might use). Also we encourage to post a note back in our newsgroup letting us and others know about what you have posted.

If the code you develop is not your original work, respect the rights of others, provide appropriate credit, and comply with their usage license. Also let others know about your conditions of use.

So if your favorite robot is not yet supported or you have some cool code that might help others and are willing to share that with the rest of the community let us know. Even if what you produce is not something you want to freely share with others, but feel appropriate to charge for, let us know about that also.

- Tandy


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