Okay I have installed the bits, what’s next?

I suggest that you start with the tutorials to gain familiarity with the programming concepts and the runtime.  There are three categories of tutorials installed with Microsoft Robotics Studio (MSRS)


Service Tutorial:

Step by step the reader is taken through service creation, modifying service state, persistence, subscriptions, and observing state through a web browser.


Note: the browser becomes a powerful debugging tool when you have the ability to observer a service’s state by merely directing the browser to a service instance.  The service instance could be local or on a remote machine.  This approach of using the browser becomes very useful when debugging complex and distributed robotic applications.


Robotics Tutorials:

In this collection of tutorials the read is taken through the process of developing an orchestration service to process sensory input and to control an actuator.


Simulation Tutorials:

The set of tutorials guides the reader through the process of using the Microsoft simulation environment.



Installed tutorials at a glance:


Service Tutorials

Tutorial 1 - Creating a service

Tutorial 2 - Updating state

Tutorial 3 - Persisting state

Tutorial 4 - Supporting subscriptions

Tutorial 5 - Subscribing

Tutorial 6 - Retrieving state and displaying it using an XML transform


Robotics Tutorials

Tutorial 1 - Accessing a service

Tutorial 2 - Coordinating services

Tutorial 3 - Using abstract reusable services

Tutorial 4 - Drive-by-wire

Tutorial 5 - Using advanced services



Simulation Tutorials

Tutorial 1 - Getting started

Tutorial 2 - Composing simulation entities with services

Tutorial 3 - Create a simulation using persisted state and a custom manifest



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