Happy birthday Messenger!

Ali wrote a celebration post for Messenger

Ten years ago, Microsoft launched one of its most innovative communication services: 7g4u3xqsaw

Windows Live Messenger (formerly known as MSN Messenger). Throughout its many stages of evolution over the years, Windows Live Messenger (which is claimed to have 330 million users!) has become the most widely used free instant messaging service in the world. (Source)

Windows Live Messenger

Without a doubt, Windows Live Messenger is one of the most successful products in communication software industry. Many individuals are using Windows Live Messenger to handle their personal and sometimes business needs every single day.

“It’s interesting to note that although NetMeeting is no more, people across the globe use Windows Live Messenger to chat during business meetings. Nearly a quarter (21 percent) of Americans recently surveyed use Messenger during business meetings; of those people, roughly 83 percent say they IM “fairly often” during meetings to make after-work plans.” (Source)

For many other users, Windows Live Messenger is only one of many other useful software and services in the Windows Live suite which if course plays a big role in delivering real time satisfaction for almost all of it’s users! Let’s watch this cool video to celebrate 10th birthday of Windows Live Messenger

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