Imagine Cup + Microsoft Student Partners from Egypt, the best combination

We know that in every country, Imagine Cup is powered by MSPs, they participate in the competition, they promote it, they mentor other students, they unblock the bottlenecks and they make the whole experience much better. I’ve heard comment for every person that participated in a local IC final about the amazing activities MSPs did before, during and after those finals.image

You’ve probably already read thousands of articles, posts, tweets etc about the IC finals, but I want to give you my personal experience as the global program manager of the program. 

These MSPs were the oil that keep the whole machine working, they make the competitors feel like kings and queens, the passion they put in the whole game was amazing, the way they solve problems show why they are MSPs, they stay awake hours and hours fixing every single problem they found and every single request they received.image

I had the chance to visit Alexandria with Marwan Hamad and Evronia Azer and they showed me the real life behind the one that you can find under normal circumstaces.

The full day was amazing, I learned about the city, the challenges they face as MSPs, the activities they are doing, the events they have, the connections with other MSPs, the Library of Alexandria, the lighthouse, the software distribution in the schools, and the most important part of the day, the great people we have in the program.

Marwan and EvroniaThank you Marwan and Evronia and thru you I’m saying ALL the MSPs from Egypt and the student volunteers, THANK YOU VERY MUCH, you’re part of the reasons why I love my job.

You should watch this awesome video about the MSPs in Egypt that Samer posted in his blog, and the article in the Imagine Cup site .

Egyptian MSPs, you rock!!!

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